Celebrating our 5 years anniversary!
Oradea Tech Hub was born exactly 5 years ago with a simple purpose: bring the local tech community together! Our founding members invested their effort, time and resources to make that happen, so today we can have a beautiful community, a coworking space and also we organized tens of events in the past 5 years with the purpose to bring the community together and help it grow. Today we are ready for a new chapter and we want you to join us!
Our FRESH mission
We are here to empower passionate people about technology and creative works, help them grow together, exchange know-how, collaborate, and build stronger relationships. We want to put our community`s skills and knowledge to use in the social and public sectors and help local companies grow & collaborate.
Oradea Tech Hub aims to develop the following initiatives in the following years:


We want to help our community meet and grow by organizing events on diverse topics. 


Content Development

We want to be a source of inspiration and growth for our audience by developing diverse content materials like articles, trainings, courses, podcasts, etc.


Community projects

We are launching a new initiative through which we want to help the local public sector and NGOs develop technical solutions to their problems.

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Coworking space

We want to arrange our coworking space in Oradea Fortress in order to create a modern and inspiring place to work & meet.


Startups growth

Together with our partners from Make IT in Oradea we want to encourage the development of new startups in our local community.

A pledge to join us!

Oradea Tech Hub is celebrating five years since its establishment! From the beginning, our goal was to coagulate the IT / Tech community in Oradea. We want to develop the community in such a way that our city will become a development pole of creative industries with a high added value.

Most of you have known us from the events we have organized, from various meetups, coworking space in the Oradea Fortress, or due to other multiple initiatives.

Now we want to move on to the next level; we want to open the association to any legal person who wishes to join us as a full member. We want to have with us all those who adhere to the vision of Oradea Tech Hub to transform our city into an IT center along with other vital centers in the country.

Alin Merches – President @ Oradea Tech Hub

What do you need to become a member of Oradea Tech Hub?


We are looking for local companies from the IT and creative sectors. We are also accepting national or international companies with offices in Oradea.


We are looking for companies which have a good reputation.


The company should be at least 3 years old.


The company should have at least 10 employees.

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*We reserve the right to select candidates based on other relevant criteria also.

What do you GET by becoming a member of Oradea Tech Hub?

First of all, we want to tell you from the beginning that becoming a member of Oradea Tech Hub is not about what you GET, but what you, first of all, are ready to GIVE. We are looking for partners who are ready to put in their effort, energy, time, and resources in order to grow our community and by that, their business also. 

To LEAD the community development in the coming years


To INFLUENCE and bring your expertise and creativity in the projects that will be developed


You will be part of the leadership forum (AGA - Adunarea Generală a Asociaților)


You will have the opportunity to become a member of the Board of Directors


You will have access to diverse networking opportunities with our partners


You will get the recognition of a community leader in our local landscape

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    Oradea Fortress building I, 1st floor, 410520


    +40 759 545 947



    Do you have any questions or suggestions in regard to our coworking space? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly.