Tech News Digest

Because keeping yourself up-to-date is important, we made for you a list of ūüĒĚ tech news of the week!

Elon Musk says Tesla is ‚Äėvery close‚Äô to level 5 autonomous driving

¬†U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla is ‚Äúvery close‚ÄĚ to achieving level 5 autonomous driving technology, CEO Elon Musk said on Thursday, referring to the capability to navigate roads without any driver input.

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iOS 14 gets rid of the app grid to help you find the app you’re looking for

Apple  unveiled the next major version of iOS a few weeks ago. I’ve been playing around with beta versions of iOS 14 and here’s what you should expect when you update your iPhone to the final release of iOS 14 this fall.


A developer explains how ‚Äėcreative coding‚Äô could heal our relationship with technology

Should creativity be an essential part of our learning process? Or does creativity have no other purpose than fun and entertainment? What are the possible benefits of taking a more creative approach to learning programming?


Apple expands its free coding courses and materials for educators

Apple today¬†announced¬†its plans for a new, free resource aimed at helping educators of all skill levels gain the ability to teach both Swift and Xcode ‚ÄĒ the latest in Apple‚Äôs educational initiatives focused on encouraging more students to learn app development.


AI researchers create testing tool to find bugs in NLP from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft

AI researchers have created a language-model testing tool that has discovered major bugs in commercially available cloud AI offerings from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

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How 1-on-1 meetings can boost team alignment and clarity for your employees

You’re in yet another boring 1-on-1 meeting. It seems like all you do is go over random updates, or just chat about life. You could be using this time to do real work instead! But it doesn’t have to be this way.