Oradea IT Industry Report
The report will present, with accurate data, the promising level of the IT and the creative ecosystem in Oradea, in order to attract professionals, entrepreneurs, companies, and investors.
If you work in the IT and creative field in Oradea (or its surroundings) you are invited to easily and quickly contribute to the realization of this report by completing the survey realized by the Oradea Tech Hub team.
IT/creative professional? Tech company representative? PARTICIPATE!

BENEFITS for IT/creative professionals

participating in the report

– contribute to the development of the tech sector

– show the attractiveness of Oradea’s tech sector

– help us provide better opportunities for the local tech ecosystem

– help us better develop community & education initiatives in order to develop the talent pool of Oradea’s tech ecosystem


BENEFITS for tech companies representatives

participating in the report

– get featured in the report

– attract talent

– attract business opportunities

– awareness (the report will be promoted nationally and even internationally)

IT/creative professionals survey

Tech companies representatives survey

Oradea Tech Ecosystem Report - Employee survey

Oradea Tech Ecosystem Report - Company survey